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There’s a saying that “people do business with people that they like” and while I believe strongly in that sentiment I also believe that first and foremost people must do business with people that they trust. In today’s business world where skepticism runs high and there are scams and hustles galore, it is imperative that business people take the necessary steps to build respect and trust with their clients and co-workers alike.
It can take time and some people may be a bit more “suspicious” than others but there are many rewards when you make the investment in developing relationships built on a foundation of trust:
Here are three ways you can build trust:
Don’t Over-Promise
It’s a natural instinct to want to satisfy your co-workers, bosses and clients however if you agree to do something within a specific budget or period of time and you don’t deliver on your promise you will be certain to not only disappoint people but potentially undermine your ability to have these individuals trust you in the future. A far better approach is to under promise and over deliver in which case you will win their admiration and appreciation for the job that you have done. The drive to do things better, faster, and less expensively is hardwired in many people and should be curtailed unless you have a strong degree of confidence that you can deliver on your promises.
Admit to Mistakes
The most damaging thing you can do if and when you make a mistake is attempting to mislead and hide the situation from the people that might be impacted as a result of the error. Taking steps to rectify the situation while at the same time alerting a client, boss or co-worker to a potential problem is the best plan of attack and can help you to retain the trust you have built up over time.
Tell the Truth
Nothing undermines respect and trust faster than being caught in a lie and your best bet is to completely avoid lying in the first place. If you do find yourself caught in a lie the best strategy is to make an immediate and sincere apology and to take immediate action to rebuild the trust that has probably been lost. Most people are forgiving and will give you another chance however it is the magnitude of the lie that will determine the repercussions.
Trust helps to foster business growth and employee motivation and satisfaction and should be the goal of every organization. How is trust instilled and perpetuated in your company?
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