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Why Having Typos in Your Emails Can Undermine Your Brand

With the smaller iPhone and tablet keyboards and the staggering volume of emails being composed and typed under circumstances not really amenable to concentration and attentiveness, it’s no wonder the incidence of typos is on the rise. But excuses aside, typos in your email are unprofessional, can damage your brand and ultimately cut into your profits.
Here are some steps you can take to minimize the number of typos in your email communication:
Read everything twice.
Given the volume of email that we send out each day and how quickly we compose and type them it makes good sense to read everything twice before hitting “send.” The first “read” is for tone, manner and clarity of thought. The second “read” is for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Remember that spellcheck isn’t foolproof and if you are unsure how a word is spelled or used in a sentence, it is always best to consult Google.
Take your time.
The “rules” of good time management tell us that we can actually waste time if we do things too quickly, make mistakes and then have to redo our work. Don’t send an email without taking an adequate amount of time to organize your thoughts, compose your email and proofread it carefully.
Have someone else read your email.
Sometimes we are just “too close” to the email in order to catch typos and pick up on any miscommunication. Consider asking someone else to read your important emails to make certain they are free of typos and are written in a professional manner.
Read your emails aloud.
By reading your emails aloud you force yourself to look at each word individually and by doing this you can more easily notice typos as well as errors in grammar and punctuation. The more lengthy the email the more you need to concentrate on every word and sentence and not skip ahead to the next line in order to save time.
While there are some emails that you can send quickly without expending too much time and effort, the vast majority of work related emails must be accurate and therefore require your full attention not only when you are creating the email but even when you are reviewing it.
Typos can be embarrassing and even humiliating and ultimately cost you business. Surely it’s worth a few extra minutes to avoid a potentially mortifying experience.
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