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Beware the Candy Season Is Upon Us

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I know lots of people succumb to the seduction of sugar and unhealthy snacking especially while at work. It doesn’t have to be that way and here are some of the things that I do to help me avoid reaching for the candy corn!
Substitute healthy for the unhealthy
The candy and unhealthy treats are never as appealing as when you are hungry. It’s not so easy to “just say no” when your stomach is growling and lunch or dinner are several hours away. The best strategy is to keep healthy food at your desk so that when you have the urge to snack it’ll be on something that is good for you rather than on candy or food with no nutritional value.
Get healthy with a friend
You know how much easier it is to exercise with a friend; how you keep each other going when you just want to stop. The same is true for eating and snacking in the office. Engage your co-workers and perhaps even take turns bringing in an assortment of healthy food and snacks to share. You’ll find it easier to stay away from candy if you have some moral support.
Being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the holidays
Last year I peeled tangerines and used green licorice pieces to make a stem (see picture) to the office for Halloween. It was a big hit and I discovered that our employees were enthusiastic and happy to share the healthy treat. Get creative and I bet that you’ll be able to come up with some healthy alternatives to candy corn, Peeps and all of the other sugary holiday candies.
Chewing gum and water can help stave off hunger
I’ve found that chewing gum while working at my desk provides me with a sweet taste sensation. Drinking water also helps to control hunger with the added advantage of helping you to stay hydrated. I do both and yes, they work!
I admit, it’s easier said than done but the results are worth it. And by the way, Happy Halloween!
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