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Dad’s advice 30 year later

That picture is part of my history. My father’s influence has been profound and his values are now my values. I’m certain that he would have been proud of the woman that I am today.
Sadly, my dad passed away before he had the opportunity to see how much he impacted my life both personally and professionally. Certainly he’d be proud of his granddaughter who has become a teacher, just like my mother.  He would enjoy his time playing golf with Larry (my husband and business partner) and of course, following up the game with a martini at the bar.  But what about me?
Eddie was a tough father with strong opinions and he often couldn’t (or wouldn’t) see the other side of the coin.  His inflexibility could cause problems but in business he was at the top of his game. He worked hard all day and then came home and worked some more.  He was driven, smart and intuitive and always looking for the next “best” thing.  His expectations for me were very straightforward, “go into your own business” and “don’t work for anyone else”. At the time I didn’t agree.
After college I joined the executive training program at Macy’s and worked my way up to being a buyer. Eventually I jumped to the other side of the table and went into sales and merchandising and worked for a few companies in the garment center. I never even considered owning my own business.
And that leads me to today. My husband and I are co-owners of Symmetry. It’s our goal to provide all of our clients with exemplary work and provide 100% customer satisfaction.  We are passionate about building long-standing business relationships and to help our clients be successful. As the business owner, I have control over pretty much everything and my client’s priorities are my priorities too.
So now I finally get it and Dad was right! Owning my own business has been the best thing I could have ever done. It’s been a great ride and one that I don’t see stopping anytime soon.
I regret that my Dad didn’t live to see who I am today. I think he would have been very proud and especially so because I embody so many of the values that he held near and dear to his heart.
He might not be here today but somehow I think he knows!
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