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Sometimes you find yourself in a rut. ( Professionally and personally, you just seem to be—in a rut.
Being in a rut can cause uncomfortable feelings—of lethargy and depression, exhaustion and anxiety. However you cannot let your motivation or inertia stop you from getting out of the rut.
Here are my suggestions on how to get OUT of a rut:
Take small steps
Sometimes even just the thought of being in and getting out of a rut can be overwhelming, because often the solution needed is a big change. Change is difficult, big changes even more so. How do you approach the challenge without feeling up against the world? Start small. Chip away at problems piece by piece. Break down the big issues into component parts and learn to claim the “little victories.” Small gains lead to bigger gains.
Talk to a trusted friend or advisor
Speaking to another person—a close confidant, an advisor, a friend—about your rut will provide you with an outsider’s perspective on your situation. Often they will be able to offer you a trusted opinion and sage advice. The “outsider” may have gone through the same thing, so heed their recommendations for how to overcome your rut.
Break the routine
Routines can be good for establishing a rhythm in your life. Still, falling into a routine may sap your creativity and desire to do things in a different way. When you begin to feel as if you are no longer engaged, you must make a conscious effort to break the routine of “how it’s always been done.” Remember that change is difficult, so be prepared with several options and backup plans in case your initial routine-breaking plan doesn’t work. 
Eat nutritious food, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly
Being in a rut, and the emotional strain and tension that result, can undermine your health in a serious way. Maintaining healthy habits such as eating well, getting enough sleep, and finding time to exercise, can help you avert any health issues as you deal with the challenges of getting out of the rut.  Alternately, lack of maintaining your health may  complicate the situation.
Above all, do what you can and at your own pace. It’s not a race. Take baby steps, stay focused, and remain aware of your endgame. When you eventually overcome your rut, recognize your success and reward yourself for a job well done!
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