The lowdown on stock.

It comes down to this: the smoother the sheet the better the ink transfer. This means that the ink is more likely to stay on top of the sheet, producing greater dot fidelity. Plus, the smoother and glossier the sheet, the more light is reflected from the surface which helps the colors appear more intense. […]

The benefits of coating.

An overall coating (varnish, aqueous, film lamination or UV) is typically used for four reasons: To speed up drying time To prevent offsetting during finishing (cutting, folding, etc.) To protect sheet from fingerprints and smudging To enhance the images and colors Symmetry tip: Choose the coating that works for you—varnish is the most economical of […]

The advantages of digital printing.

Digital printing has come a long way and has many advantages particularly for short runs, i.e. quick turnaround, affordability, ease of preparation, variable data capabilities. The “proof” is actually a press proof, so you will see the final product. Symmetry tip:Don’t be reticent to try it out. For the right project digital printing gives excellent […]