Access-Ability to Hydrocephalus

Self Cleaning Shunt™ (SCS™) is a novel technology to maintain shunt patency and maintain CSF flow in Hydrocephalus patients.

What is Hydrocephalus?

  • A Chronic Neurological Condition Caused by Abnormal Accumulation of fluid (CSF) within the Brain, resulting in increased intracranial pressure (ICP)
  • >1M people in the US [ref]
  • 1 in every 500 births in the US [ref]
  • 70,000 Shunts are implanted per year [ref]

The Most Common Hydrocephalus Treatment today:

  • A medical device called a Shunt, which is implanted in the ventricular system of the brain to divert the CSF flow
  • 50% of Shunt systems will get obstructed by tissue ingrowth with 2 years [ref]
  • 85% of patients need revision surgery [ref]

SCS uses a unique micro robotic cleaning system aiming to prevent shunt blockage, reducing the need for shunt replacement surgeries therefore lowering the risks of shunt replacement complications and Improving quality of life for millions, while lowering healthcare costs.