Microbot Medical
Microbot is a pre-clinical medical device company specializing in the research, design and development of next generation robotic endoluminal surgery devices targeting the minimally invasive surgery space. Primarily focused on leveraging its micro-robotic technologies with the goal of redefining surgical robotics while improving surgical outcomes for patients. Microbot is currently developing the LIBERTY® Robotics System, the first ever fully disposable robot for various endovascular interventional procedures, and the Self Cleaning ShuntTM for the treatment of hydrocephalus and Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.  In addition, the Company is focused on the development of a Multi Generation Pipeline Portfolio utilizing all of its proprietary technologies.
Liberty Product Hotspot

LIBERTY® Robotics System

The world's first fully disposable endovascular robot. Remote controlled and Designed as an open platform for all commercially available Cath lab instruments.

SCS Product

Self Cleaning Shunt (SCS)

The Microbot SCS device is a robotic system designed as the ventricular catheter portion of a CSF shunt system to maintain CSF flow by drastically reducing shunt occlusions.